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How we work

No matter how many times we have to repeat something, it is all done by hand: a drawing is sketched, measurements made, then wooden planks are put together to build the “container” and oxidizes to color and cement.

The oxides are added by hand and evenly weighed, because the craftsman must pay careful attention to the color and decide when it is ready. In fact, every object, even the same models will never be the same. All objects will have slight variations in color and imperfection so every object, including yours, will be unique.

Once your idea turns into a design, we create the formwork; this can be made from all different materials: the classic wood shuttering, boards or panels, polystyrene and PVC. As craftsmen, we have no pre-made molds, but we prepare them from time to time, choosing the best solution for the object that we are creating.

At this point, the concrete is mixed, possibly colored, and cast into the mold. After about 24 hours it is removed from the mold and held in water for seven days to complete the process of maturation. Finally we proceed to the finishing phase, eliminating the imperfections in the object due to the formwork, polishing with sandpaper or with a hose to get the desired effect.

What we use

The cement we use is of Italcementi: Effix.
“ Effix is a mortar with high mechanical performance and aestheticlly developed for the manufacturing of non-structural concrete elements of refined aesthetic value. With Effix you can create subtle elements and decorative elements treated in detail. The high yield surface of the pieces, obtainable even with glossy effect, makes it ideal for use in high-end design. Being adaptable to molds and formwork that is very complex, it is particularly suitable for the construction of architectural elements that are small, thin, smooth or with different processes.” (Italcementi)

Why concrete

Because it lends itself to implement any form because it is natural. Those who appreciate an object made by hand by an artisan that will withstand time and is less delicate because it is unique and imperfect, will find value in our products.
Because they contain different materials, powders, colors and waters our items are made and finished by hand.
Because of this, subtle variations in color, size and general appearance are possible.
These should be considered part of the aesthetic beauty of the concrete: in fact, they show the natural beauty of nature and work against the aseptic perfection of industrially created objects.
Of course, nothing ‘s perfect. To make an object of concrete takes time, and it is not always easy. Even objects in concrete must be kept with care.

“The fact that the work is done so flawlessly is an inexhaustible source of joy, and makes me believe that the imperfection in performing the task we have accomplished is more appropriate to human nature so imperfect that not perfection ” (Rita Levi Montalcini)
“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without” (Confucius)
What we produce

Objects, objects for an urban outdoor setting, design objects from inside to outside. We try to develop our ideas by creating objects that we like, but always with an eye for practicality. We combine architects and designers to generate breand new ideas.


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