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In terms of operations in Italy, Italcementi is the leading producer of building materials. With a market share of about 30% in an industry that is constantly adapting, we are constantly producing innovative products for our customers.


Sixplus architetti

The line of “trays”, draft Sixplus architects, was born to draw plans and modular elements that can be used for multiple functions: to support things as trays, vertically as wall cladding, mounted on lightweight metal towers as servant or small shelves. Cement, grainy and dull, is associated with the marble, hard and shiny, with is used with strict geometric guidelines. The insert is always placed on the edge of the tray so that even in its smaller size, the thickness, results in a fitting combination of the two materials. From here you generate an infinite family of individual objects, all different colors, finishes and sizes that are attributed to the two basic elements. Individual objects but, once aggregated always make up a harmonious and original design.


Fila solution

70 years of experience, a high standard of quality in the development and manufacturing of its products, a deep knowledge of materials gained through years of work and research on the “field”: these are some of the strengths of Fila, and what makes this dynamic company a leader in the protection and maintenance of surfaces in marble, natural stone, porcelain tile, brick, cement and wood.

Fila Solution

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