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A design, before it iscreated, must have an inspiration.

The ides is to create a line of handmade products that have a simple design, a specific function and are purely aesthetic, reviving the ancient craftsmanship of which we are proud. Of course, things have changed. We do not use the same materials and the same technology of 100 years ago, but we create in the same spirit. Why Concreto? Because without millions invested in technology, without much scientific knowledge and without being a public company, we are able to express our creativity and imagination.

This creativity and imagination is also shared by our customers, designers and architects who want to be involved with the artisans as well. Of course, nothing prevents us from integrating this material with another: wood, glass and iron, to create a final object that is both aesthetically beautiful and functional.

We create objects that are not too heavy, but are not disposable like anything else you purchase. Our items will remain in your family, they can be passed down to your children and great memories can be shared around them and about them…leaning on the same table, sitting on the same bench…

We Will

To us, prominent names or high-sounding titles are not important. So, we only involve those who want to create something with unsophisticated and simple tools at their disposal. Among us there are engineers, architects and designers but also amateurs. Along with the most famous brands, we started in a garage. We now are in a small warehouse and through trial and error, create beautiful things using cement.


Where will we be in 10 years? We will be the ones you think of when you want to buy something lasting, something special and something containing the highest level or creativity.


Our Mission is to use concrete to create beautiful and functional objects made with care using concrete, designed by people who are in no rush to finish and want to see the customer smiling and satisfied.


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